Glycontrol - Ajuda no controle de Glicémia e da glicólise

1 Box of 30 tablets

Helps control glycaemia and glycation.
Diabetes is characterised by excess amounts of glucose in the blood. Essential for correct cell functioning, glucose becomes harmful when present in excess amounts. Diabetes results from an inappropriate production of insulin which is then incapable of controlling glycaemia.
Diabetics are subject to glycation, a process which modifies the properties of proteins and prevents their renewal. It acts on the collagen fibres and makes them more rigid and less soluble. As a result, diabetics are prone to accelerated ageing of the skin.
Numerous scientific studies have shown the efficacy of food supplements, combined with an adapted diet, in cases of diabetes. A certain number of nutrients can help prevent oxidative stress linked to increased glycaemia and can reduce glycation.

Glycontrol is a dietary supplement for diabetics to help their body fight against the development and progression of diabetes complications :
Acts on glycation and glycaemia.
Provides nutrients adapted to the needs of diabetics.
Helps delay the signs of skin ageing.
1 tablet a day to be swallowed with meals.
Glycontrol must be associated with a specific diet

Recommendations for use
For adults.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Glycontrol does not contain lactose or gluten